About Us

Alpine Auto House is a 20 plus year old, family owned and operated parts and repair shop in Los Angeles, CA.  We specialize  in Mercedes Benz and BMW automobiles including AMG and M series models.  We have the best prices for parts and service anywhere in the US.  Contact or visit us today.

More Than 20 Years in Service

It’s been a long time and we never look back. Over 10 years of experience and meeting new clients that we still work for today.

Trustworthy Service

It’s hard to tell if your mechanic is doing the job right or not or even if they’re cutting corners. It’s our passion to do well and back our service and parts.

Quick & Efficient

No one likes waiting for a long time. It’s our pleasure to get on the job and get your order or project completed within a respectful amount of time.





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Years in Service

Common Services

Oil Change

Don’t wait till it’s too late, get your oil changed today. The worse thing you can do to your car is run it with bad or no oil at all.


Something don’t feel right? Here a sound you’ve never heard before. You may need a repair and it’s time to bring it in.

Motor Replacement

While most of the time you just need a repair, you may be better off with a motor swap. We have a full range of motors in our yard that may work for you.

Fluids Flush

Like your oil, the rest of the fluids in your car need refreshing as well. Changing your cars fluids and filters is a good way to extend the life of your vehicle.


Hear squeaking when you turn or hit a bump? It can be a few different reasons and we know just how to fix it before it get’s worse. We also have replacement parts to save you money.

Cars Upgrades

Sometimes the old technology just doesn’t cut it anymore, but you love your car and just want to upgrade something, we can help you with that.


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