Repairs / Maintenance

Your vehicle is important to us and the longevity of it’s life and performance is our #1 goal.  All of our repairs and maintenance is done by a professional mechanic.

  1. Engine Repairs
  2. Engine Maintenance
  3. Tune-ups and Liquid changes

Keep your engine running smooth and for a long time with our maintenance services using premium products recommended by the manufacturers.  Both Mercedes and BMW services.

Change your oil at least every 3 months.

Mercedes and BMW both require clean fluids at all given times and more so for hotter running models like AMG’s and M series cars.  Not only does your car require clean oil and liquids, they also need new filters that we also provide during all oil change services.

  • Change oil every 3 months
  • Change liquids every 6 months
  • Change filters at every service interval
  • Flush out anti-freeze and radiator every 2 years

All of this is preventative maintenance and required for most high end vehicles.  Your car will love you for it and you’ll see and feel the difference.


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