2013 BMW 328i

  • 2013 BMW 328i

    BMW 328i
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    • Interrogated fault memory and found misfire faults logged for cylinder #1…installed good used spark plug and coil and found misfire is still logging on #1 cylinder…upon further diagnosis, found fuel leaking from cylinder #1 and #2 injector. (see below for repairs)
    • Found fuel injector #2 was installed incorrectly (crooked) and found #1 injector (new) was the wrong injector, EU6 injector was installed instead of EU5 injector…also found that injector #1 was installed without the coupler and was not programmed to vehicle (oblonged injector port on head slightly, but not leaking at this time)…installed USED EU5 injector with coupler and programmed to vehicle…after programming road tested vehicle and found no further misfires on cylinder #1 at this time. Also recommended to replace spark plugs but customer declined.
    Ryan B. gave our service a 5 star review on 12/29/2023


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